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  • Result delivered via email within 2 working days

  • Keyword optimisation of your CV based on the job vacancies you're interested in

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  • Thorough CV review by one of our HR experts

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  • A 30-minute consultation session with the HR expert for personalized guidance

  • Result delivered via email within 2 working days

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  • Arina Kogalenok
    Human Resources Director - BE[IN]CRYPTO
    • Leadership Tenure: Arina brings over 10 years of HR leadership, steering strategic hiring initiatives for multinational corporations.

    • Strategic Impact: Under her guidance, her teams have reviewed more than 15,000 resumes, identifying and nurturing top-tier talent.

    • Executive Roles Filled: Arina has been instrumental in filling over 100 executive and senior management positions, including CEOs, CFOs, and Directors across various industries.
  • Kate Nosova
    Talent Acquisition Specialist - BE[IN]CRYPTO
    • HR Background: 8 years of HR experience.

    • Resumes Scanned: Reviewed over 5,000 resumes, connecting individuals with meaningful career opportunities.

    • Positions Filled: Closed over 300 vacancies focusing on staffing various companies with top-notch professionals.
  • Raquel Zambrano
    HR Manager - BE[IN]CRYPTO
    • HR Expertise: Over 11 years in the HR field, with the last 5 years focusing on Web3.

    • Educational Background: Bachelor in Business Administration, a Diploma in Organizational Management and a Master in HR Management (MDRH).

    • Specialization: Expert in Recruitment and selection of personnel. HR Engagement and Strategies.

    • Vacancies Closed: Successfully participated in more than 240 Web 3 vacancies, hiring over 800 professionals across various positions.
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    Creative designer
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