Ultimate Web3 Recruitment Course by Be[in]Crypto
in Web3:
From Search
to Hire

Hiring in Web3 made easy:

Increase revenue, find top talents,

and save time & money!

The only practical course on Web3 Recruitment where You will:
Save time, Increase Revenue of the Company and Effectiveness of your Recruiting Team
Build an effective Talent Pipeline, Define and Find your Ideal Candidate
Discover Web3 Hiring Strategies
Join the Community of Top Experts and Recruiters who share News, Ideas, and Advice
Learn how to Source Talents in Decentralized Web
Explore the Decentralized internet
with our expert tips and tools

Save time & increase efficiency: All the tools, knowledge and exact steps needed for effective work in one place

Find exactly who you want: Match with the best talent to help you run your company


Get exclusive Web3 Skill map: unique and up-to-date Web3 skill map developed by expert recruiters.

Get to know the market: Learn all the best practices, trends and right tools within the industry


Save money: Cost reduction in recruitment and adaptation of personnel

Upgrade your and your team recruitment skills: Become more efficient and find suitable candidates for your company much faster

Recruiters or HR managers
who currently work in traditional companies or as freelancers and are interested in transitioning to the Web3 space
Recruiters, HR managers and Web3 companies
struggling to find talented candidates in Web3
Recruiting team leads in Web3
who want to enhance the efficiency of their team
HR heads and Senior executives
who struggle to attract and retain talent in the Web3 industry or looking to deepen their knowledge of Web3
HR influencers
who are looking to expand their reach and enter the Web3 industry
HR agencies
that want to leverage their expertise and work with companies hiring in Web3
Our plans cater to all levels of recruiters, emphasizing
rapid learning and peak efficiency
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Our plans cater to all levels of recruiters, emphasizing rapid learning and peak efficiency

Ideal for HR professionals in Web2 seeking career growth, or in Web3 needing a boost

✔ Access to the course for 1 month

✔ Access to all learning modules, case studies and tasks

Learning materials (guides, checklists, and mind maps)

Web3 Skill map

Access to cases Database

1 Mentorship and masterclass with Web3 recruiting and talent experts

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Ideal for HR teams, recruiters, and professional groups of 3+ transitioning to or currently working in Web3 hiring

Access to the course for 6 months for up to 3 users

Access to all learning modules, case studies, and tasks

Learning materials (guides, checklists, and mind maps)

Web3 Skill map

Free access to cases database

Mentorship and masterclass with Web3 recruiting and talent experts every month

Access to new modules and updates

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6 experts | 5 modules | 20 lessons
  • Web3: The Future of the Internet
    • Getting Started with Web3: Exploring the Decentralized Internet
    • Web3 Hiring Practices: How They Differ from Traditional Methods
    • Positions in Web3 Organizations
  • Building Effective Talent Pipelines: Strategies and Techniques
    • Hiring Strategies: Three Main Approaches
    • Finding Your Unicorn: Defining the Ideal Candidate
    • Writing Job Descriptions: Best Practices and Tips
  • Hiring for the Future: Sourcing Talent in the Decentralized Web
    • Specifics of sourcing in web3
    • Navigating Talent Transition through LinkedIn
    • Talent Communication Shortcuts on Twitter
    • Accessing Talent Communities on Discord
    • Engaging Candidates Effectively on Reddit
    • Maximizing Reach and Results Through Web3 Job Boards
    • Web3 Conferences and Recruiting Events
    • What else can be used - Tips and Tricks from the Pros
    • Life Hacks for Efficient Sourcing
  • The Efficient Interview Cycle - From Candidate to Employee
    • Web3 Skillset: Identifying the Essential Competencies for Success
    • Identifying Gaps and Pseudo "Professionals"
    • Conducting Effective Interviews: Tips and Techniques
  • Drafting Job Offers that Stand Out: Techniques for Attracting Top Talent in Web3
    • Best Practices for Making a Strong Offer
    • The Dos and Don'ts of Presenting a Job Offer
  • Arina Kogalenok
    Human Resources Director - Be[in]Crypto

    Arina Kogalenok is a senior HR professional with extensive experience managing Web3 HR teams, building and executing high-level talent management, and employer branding strategies.

    Her track record of success in these areas has made her an indispensable asset to Be[in]Crypto. Arina has a keen understanding of the industry and a talent for building and executing effective talent management strategies, ensuring the organization remains competitive in the dynamic Web3 market.

    Her impressive portfolio includes developing a talent management strategy for Be[in]Crypto and successfully managing a team of over 260 members.

  • Julia Motorina
    Recruitment Team Leader - Be[in]Crypto

    Julia is an accomplished headhunter focusing on recruiting C-level executives in diverse industries.

    Julia has a proven track record of building effective recruiting processes for global organizations, having successfully launched recruitment workflows for Global brands, Fortune 500 companies, and EdTech startups across Europe, Asia, and MENA.

    She leads a team of recruiters at Be[in]Crypto, with +260 team members from 62 countries. With a particular interest in the rapidly evolving Web3 market, she earned the moniker "The Unicorns Hunter" from a Be[in]Crypto team.

  • Katya Marchuk
    Employer Brand Manager - Be[in]Crypto

    Katya is an accomplished professional with extensive employer branding, digital marketing, and HR marketing expertise.

    With a passion for creating engaging content and efficient processes, Katya excels at building and nurturing a brand’s community and delivering an exceptional employee experience. Her deep interest in emerging technologies like Web3, product growth, and talent acquisition fuels her enthusiasm for inspiring and engaging others in these subjects.

    As a talent acquisition specialist, Katya serves as a vital link between recruitment and candidates.

  • Arina Drobysheva
    Compensation and Benefits Manager - Be[in]Crypto

    Arina is an accomplished Compensation and Benefits Manager passionate about building retention strategies and delivering exceptional results.

    Her expertise in designing and implementing adequate compensation and benefits strategies has enabled her to successfully manage various projects for various organizations and optimize talent management. Arina has honed her skills in the dynamic world of Web3 and now applies her deep understanding of this emerging field to her role at Be[in]Crypto.

    Her keen attention to detail and ability to analyze complex data make her a valuable asset to the team, ensuring that the organization remains competitive in the ever-changing job market and evaluates its talent acquisition, management, and retention strategies.

  • Kate Nosova
    Talent Acquisition Specialist - Be[in]Crypto

    Kate Nosova is a highly skilled Talent Acquisition Specialist focusing on sourcing, hiring, talent acquisition, and talent pipeline development.

    Her proven track record of identifying and attracting top talent has made her an invaluable asset to Be[in]Crypto. Kate's expertise in utilizing innovative strategies to source candidates and her ability to manage the entire recruitment process with precision has ensured that the organization remains competitive in the dynamic Web3 market.

    With a deep understanding of the industry trends and a talent for building strong relationships, Kate has cultivated a robust talent pipeline for Be[in]Crypto, ensuring the organization is well-positioned to meet its future staffing needs.

  • Raquel Zambrano
    Talent Acquisition Specialist - Be[in]Crypto

    As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Raquel leverages her academic qualifications and professional expertise to identify and attract top-tier talent.

    With a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management, Raquel has honed her skills in people management and organizational strategy.

    Driven by a commitment to personal and professional development, Raquel ventured into the dynamic realm of Web3.

    She has successfully combined her existing knowledge with this emerging technology, leveraging her skills to support Be[in]Crypto's global team.

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