WORK [IN] WEB3 is a specialized recruitment consultancy arm of BE[IN]CRYPTO that focuses on WEB3 technologies, product development, digital marketing, information technologies, and support services. Our HR team is dedicated to helping you find top-performing talent to take your business to the next level, tailored to meet the unique requirements of the recruitment industry in all its forms.
The Process
Step 1
Define your hiring need and growth goals, access to the largest pool of Web3 talent
Screen and manage applicants to fit your requirements and ensure you are presented with top-quality candidates
Step 2
Leverage our expertise in Web3 to connect with the ideal candidate who can drive your growth and success
Step 3
Meet top candidates, and save time with a streamlined interview process
Step 4
We will support you at every step, including negotiations and after-service care
Step 5
Find world-class, top-performing talents to take your business to the next level
Looking to hire Web3 professionals for your team? We've got you covered!
It usually takes less than 35 days to fill a Web3 role
We bring 5 candidates to the final interview
85% acceptance rate of offers
We fill more than 23 CxO, VP, or Senior level positions every quarter
All of our candidates are with at least 2 years of Web3 experience
Transforming the way you hire and work
Leveraging our expertise to build a winning team in Web3
Hired and managed 260 team members from 60 nations
Build a large and successful Web3 organization
Over 100 successfully filled positions to date
On average, 5 of 10 presented candidates make it to the final stage
85% success rate on our shortlisted candidates
The talent pool of over 110,000 to find the perfect fit for the role
BE[IN]CRYPTO’s readership of more than 20 million web3 enthusiasts
Ability to hire from any geography and serve clients in 14 languages
Meet the team
HR Scholar
Web3 Adventurer
Top-tier Talent Connector
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Raquel combines her academic qualifications in business and human resources with her Web3 expertise to identify and attract the best talent. Her commitment to personal and professional development makes her a powerful force in supporting Be[in]Crypto's global team.
Talent Detective
Web3 Hiring Ace
Talent Pipeline Builder
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Kate's skill in sourcing top talent and managing the entire recruitment process makes her invaluable to Be[in]Crypto. Her deep understanding of industry trends and her talent for building strong relationships have cultivated a robust talent pipeline, securing Be[in]Crypto's future success.
C-level Headhunter
Unicorns Hunter
Global Recruiting Maestro
Recruiting Team Lead
Julia's prowess in recruiting C-level executives and her experience building recruitment workflows for global brands make her a force to be reckoned with. Her nickname "The Unicorns Hunter" perfectly captures her passion for discovering top Web3 talent for Be[in]Crypto's international team.
Web3 HR Mastermind
Talent Management Guru
Team Architect
Arina is a senior HR professional with a talent for building and executing high-level talent management and employer branding strategies. Her expertise in Web3 HR and her success in building a management process for 260+ team members from 62 countries make her the backbone of Be[in]Crypto's global growth.
Frequently Asked Questions
We can't wait to work with you!
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